A Summer Solstice Spell to Attract Romance


Summer Solstice approaches, and with it, the arrival of the Goddess in full bloom, and the Horned God in complete virility. At this time of the year, the energy of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine are ripe with passion, rich with fertility, and vibrant with change. As the longest day and shortest night of the year, Litha (Midsummer) is the counter to Yule on the Wheel of the Year.

This is the season to express our love, satisfy our lust, create without boundaries, learn self-love, and experience the joy of connection with others.

Candle magick is an easy and powerful way to unite your personal power with the fire energy of Summer Solstice.

The candle acts as a physical representation of the energy you are placing towards your goal. Burning the candle releases that energy into the universe, aiding you towards your ultimate manifestation.

During the week of Summer Solstice, get a red or pink candle, preferably a taper or pillar shaped.

Hold the candle in your hands, and take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes, and envision the type of romance you want to attract. Try not to picture anyone specific, but rather, concentrate on the feeling of being loved, of affection, of sensuality, of laughter.  How would having the romance you desire make you feel?

 When your energy is at its height, use your fingernail or a sharp instrument to carve your name and your intention into the candle.

For an extra boost, surround the candle with crystals like rose quartz, malachite, or garnet.

Light your candle, and spend a few minutes meditating on the flame. Think of how fire warms, transforms, heals, and attracts.

When you are ready, speak this incantation:

Calling forth what I desire

by the light of candle fire

Love and passion, bless my name

Draw it in, like moth to flame.


Meditate on the flame a little while longer.

Place your candle someplace it won’t be disturbed. Your altar, or someplace similarly special is a good space.

You can let your candle burn out that day, or snuff it out and burn a little bit each day as you mediate, do your yoga, etc. Feel free to repeat the incantation when you relight your candle.

Know that as the candle burns, the energy of love and romance is being drawn to you!