Mabon Divination: Shifting Into Autumn


Mabon is approaching. Trees are shaking off their summer green to adorn themselves with their colorful autumn coats, as the season’s last glow slips away before the waxing darkness.

Now is the time to reap what was spring-sown, whether seeds, ideas, dreams, or plans. It is also the time to be grateful for the bounties and blessings that have been returned to us for our efforts.

Take a moment to also be grateful for your pains and disappointments as these can bring more help and healing than we often realize when we are still tangled up in them.

The first card this season brings us is Vila. Vila is the Slavic goddess energy of woodlands and wilderness. Vily (plural) are also shape-shifters.

Shape shifting is transformation. This season, it is important that we transform our thoughts and energies—both the good as well as the bad—as we prepare for the coming months.

It seems obvious that the bad must necessarily be commuted into something useful. We do this by reminding ourselves that our hands are not weak; we have the ability to recast, reshape, and transmogrify our beings. We only need to be willing to do the work.

But we should not forget to allow the good to also shift, with the new perspectives and understandings we have obtained in the season now waning. We must revisit even our most perfect concepts from time to time lest they stagnate. If we do not transform, we stay the same. And change is essential to becoming.

On an equinox, day and night are of nearly equal duration. This complementary dichotomy sets forth our second card, The Lovers. This season, the card does not represent actual lovers, but rather the love of your own duality.

Like night and day, your light and dark selves are equals, partners. They are in love, and you are made of that love. Even when you feel that inexorable pull of your soul toward your companion heart in another, revel in the ecstatic realization that you are enough.

Love the whole of your selves fearlessly.

Tread heavily. Step lightly. Move cautiously. Leap with abandon.

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