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Summer Solstice Divination – A Season of Abundant Manifestation


As according to the brilliant astrologer Chani Nicholas, on Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 at 9:24pm PST,  the Sun enters Cancer and marks the arrival of the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere, and the Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere.

The energy of this solstice, and thereby this summer, is highly emotional. This season, we will truly feel our feelings, and are inspired to share the love, affection, and joy we discover with the world.

Lady of Beasts was the first Divine Feminine aspect to step forward in our divination as the Goddess of the Season.

The title Lady of Beasts is used to describe a variety of Goddesses in many cultures.  She is the life giving force of the universe, ruling wild forests, jungles, and the animals within them.  A birth and abundance goddess, Her presence is said to bestow the blessings of fertility on all living things.

The presence of Lady of Beasts suggests the focus of this season will be on relationships, our intimate connections. It’s time to clean out the contacts list, and take a good, hard look at the relationships we nurture, and the ones we neglect.

There are connections with friends, family, and lovers which have run their course, and need to be released. These people who no longer serve your highest good are blocking the way for those who would love you, support you, in the way your heart craves and longs for.  It’s okay to put your needs first here, because trying to maintain these associations is doing nothing but causing stress, disappointment, and annoyance.

Sever the ties that bind you to unhealthy relationships. Make room in your life, your heart, your energy, for something new to blossom.

Turn your attention to creating supportive relationships, to finding your tribe, to showing those you love and adore just how important they are to you. Express that desire, that affection that lives in your soul. Got a secret crush? Now is the time to act on it. Need a secret crush? Paint your lips red and hit the town.  The heat of the summer supports the need for passionate encounters, greater intimacy, and the power of the swoon.

The key here is to embrace loving, healing, inspiring unions with others, and within yourself – and then to express that energy.

“Lady of Beasts says the dance of relationship is the fast track to evolving consciousness and personal power. It is joyful, painful, frustrating, exhilarating, annihilating, and completely worth it.”

–  Amy Sophia Marashinsky, The Goddess Oracle

And as our Goddess is the Lady of Beasts, pay special attention to signs and messages from our animal friends this season.  That persistent puppy or that sneaky squirrel on your doorstep may just be trying to tell you something important. (expand your animal totem wisdom!)


Our first supporting card is The Diamond Dreamer ( from the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms oracle deck)

Here, we confirm Rumi’s wisdom: what you seek is seeking you.

There is some seriously abundant manifestation energy flowing through this Summer Solstice season. From relationships, to finances and business, all the way back around to creative endeavors , the days ahead will be bursting with opportunities for success.

Spend some time getting aligned with your heart’s desires and your intentions, because the Universe will be working overtime to point you in the right direction. Your heart knows what it needs, in every area of your life: career, family, romance, spirit, self, etc.

 So, talk to your heart. Write down what it says. Meditate on its whispers. Speak those desires aloud. Claim your heart and its passions. Mountains are preparing to move on your behalf.

This is also a card of positive communication, particularly concerning all those relationships Lady of Beasts was talking about.

You may find that those conversations you’ve been avoiding are suddenly easy topics to brooch.  The ideas you’ve had difficulty expressing are suddenly easier to explain. Let yourself flow within this energy, even when it feels unfamiliar or uncomfortable.  If you are honest and authentic in your dealings this season, especially when it comes to your emotions and how you feel, your life and spirit can only benefit.


And finally, we have The Star (from the Wild Unknown tarot deck).

All those dreams. Those fantasies. Those inspiring visions, those little whispers of want in the back of your mind.

What you love. What you need. What you long for.

This summer season, everything aligns.

The Star is the guiding light, the union of divine and worldly energy, the confirmation of our previous  two cards. This card signals the ultimate attainment of the heart goals you set with Lady of Beasts.

The Star’s shine – up above the world so high, like a diamond in the skylights the path of the dreamer.

No matter how far-fetched your desires may seem, the energy of Solstice season is working, in graceful ways, to bless you with what you need – if you are willing to accept it. The Universe is listening, waiting for your instructions on how you want all this manifestation energy to show up in your life.  Spirit is waiting for you to have the faith and the trust in your abilities to make your dreams a reality.

So stop dawdling. Pick up that journal. Those paints. Put on your dancing shoes. Open to intimate connections. Show the energy you’re ready for your fantasies of a whole, healthy life to become truth.

This summer season, take chances. Embrace adventure. Think big. Love hard. And dream with abandon.


Happy Solstice!


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Our crystal choices this season are selenite and citrine.

Citrine is an abundance stone, which promotes happiness and the clearing out old, stagnant energy. Use in manifestation work, and to raise your vibration to attract success and prosperity.


Selenite aids one in communication with angels, spirit guides, and the Higher Self. It removes negative energy from any space as well as from the mind, body, spirit. Selenite is also an amazing stone for inspiring peace, comfort, and optimism.


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