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Witchy Wednesday: Beltane Heart Magick


It’s May, which means the fiery love energy of Beltane is upon us!

Love is a universal experience, the one true energy that connects all of humanity.  It is the force that moves us to truly live, to indulge in luscious adventures and create beloved connections, no matter our race, age, or circumstances.

As Beltane is the fire festival honoring of the highest point of Spring, it’s a time to celebrate the passion and joy of all our intimate connections, and to open our hearts to new relationships. It is a time for unity, friendship, laughter, sexuality, fertility, and love of all kinds.  While this celebration is usually held May 1st, the vibrational shift the festival creates lasts all month long.

This season is a wonderful time of year for sacred rituals and spirituals practices designed to attract romantic partners, make new friends, and manifest your heart’s desires.


A Simple Beltane Charm to Attract Love

You will need:


Make yourself comfortable in your sacred space. Take a few deep breaths to ground and center. Think of the kind of love you wish to attract. Do you want a stronger, healthier relationship with your family? Are you looking for your tribe? Or are you seeking a sensual partner for romance?

Take the crystals in one hand, and the unlit candle in the other. Allow yourself to envision what your life would look like with that love. Imagine how it would feel to have a love-filled experience. Let the power of that picture fill your body, and flow into your hands.

When you’re ready, set the candle up on your sacred space, and place your crystals in front of it. Light your candle, and say:

By stone and wax and Beltane fire

I now attract my heart’s desire

This light shines bright for all to see

The love I seek is now seeking me.


Make sure your stones are placed in a position where the light of the candle flame shines over them. Allow the candle to burn all the way out.

Carry the stones with you until your desire manifests, and be sure to share the love this May!


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