Witchy Wednesday

Witchy Wednesday: Crystals for Love and Devotion


Crystals and gemstones are metaphysical tools used in energetic therapies (like Reiki and massage), meditation practices, and countless other holistic methods. Each crystal contains its own brand of vibrational energy, which can be tapped into and harnessed to help heal any physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ailment you may have.

Crystals are also used to call in a particular energy to your life experience. And as it’s always a time for romance, here’s a list of crystals to help you tap into love, devotion, and passion.


Aquamarine – allows you to speak your emotional truth with clarity, and promotes a harmonious romantic relationship. Also inspires fidelity and devotion.


Carnelian – a stone of the sacral chakra that enhances passion and sexuality by putting you in touch with your desires.


Citrine – a powerful manifestation stone, helping you to identify what it is you what from life, and the pathways you have to follow to receive it.


Garnet – attracts and enhances romance, friendships, and prosperity. Inspires passion, sexuality, and romance while supplying the courage to act.


Pink Calcite – inspires unconditional love of the self, and guides you to be honest and authentic in your communication with others.


Quartz – a master crystal, quartz is a high energy, high frequency stone that can be used for any purpose.


Rhodonite – opens the heart chakra and stimulates emotional balance. Inspires forgiveness and compassion in romantic relationships.


Rose Quartz – the quintessential stone for love energy and compassion. A gentle frequency which activates the heart chakra and promotes both divine and mortal unconditional love.


Shiva Lingam –a sacred stone  that is symbolic of the perfect union of Shakti and Shiva, the divine masculine and feminine energies of the universe. Inspires devotion and alignment in all love matters.

The best way to invoke these crystals’ influence is to hold the in your hands, and awaken their energy by envisioning the passion, romance, and sensuality you wish to attract. Then simply carry the crystals with you as you go through your day.

Happy Romancing!


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