Witchy Wednesday: How to Anoint a Candle

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Candles are an easy and magickal way of unifying your power of intention with the vibrations in nature to manifest your dreams.

The candle acts as a physical representation of the energy you are placing towards your goal. Burning the candle releases that energy into the universe, aiding you towards your ultimate manifestation.

Pick an intention or a goal you would like to manifest. For now, you should start with the goal you are most excited about (you can perform this mini ritual for your other intentions at a later time, if you like).

Get a white candle, preferably a taper or pillar shaped. White candles carry the vibration of higher self, creation, and divine energy. Or, coordinate your candle color to match your desire; red for sensuality, pink for romance, etc.

Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and visualize yourself manifesting your intention. When you feel your energy is at its height, use your fingernail or a sharp instrument to carve your intention into the candle.

You can also anoint your candle with your favorite essential oil or holy oil to add a fragrant boost of energy to your intention. (Check out my new Mary Magdalene and Ganesha Anointing Oils!)

Place your candle someplace it won’t be disturbed; your altar, or someplace similarly special is a good space.

Light your candle as you focus on your intention, perhaps saying a few words, meditating, or reciting your favorite mantra before the flames.

You can let your candle burn out that day, or snuff it out and burn a little bit each day as you mediate, do your yoga, etc. Know that as the candle burns, the frequency of your intention is amplified and your dreams are coming true!