Are you Priestess? Medicine Woman? The Seductress? Which Goddess Archetype is calling you?

Join Priestess Brandi Auset on this 9 week journey to lift the shroud of Goddess, and discover the aspects of Her magick and power which reside within you. 

Connect with the magick of the Goddess.

Drawing from several traditions of Goddess spirituality, witchcraft, and folk-magic, this free online course offers 7 ritual practices to tap into the magick of the Divine Feminine. Learn to use your natural energy and Goddess power to manifest change in the here and now.

A life of intimate bliss. Doesn’t that sound divine?

In this 21 day online workshop, we will explore the sacred sexual pathways to self-love, our sensual desires, and discover how to create passionate connections between the physical body and the spiritual world.