Bring forth the blessings of Water

On February 27, Priestesses Kimberly Moore and Brandi Auset will perform sacred ritual to bring forth the blessings of the powerful West African Goddess, Mami Wata. Within Her embrace lies deep feminine empowerment, prosperity, and domestic harmony.

Be curious. Be rebellious. Be wrong. Be embarrassed. Be messy. Be soft. Be lucky. 

Be open.

In this mini-workshop, you'll receive a thoughtful discussion along with an inspiring activity or prompt each day, to support your journey towards an open life.

The Red Lady of Egypt

As the power of creation and destruction, the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet is the balance between the light and the shadow. A solar deity and Warrior Goddess, She leads us to discover and express our true emotions, and how to use our ferocity as a catalyst for change and healing.