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When you are connected to your intuition, you are connected to your Higher Self – that Divine part of your being that knows exactly what you need to live a life of joy and bliss. Creative activities such as writing and art journaling can be a powerful way to open your third eye, and tap into your inner knowing.

This month-long online workshop invites you to re-connect with your intuitive spirit. Every other day you will receive a journal prompt, designed to strengthen your instincts and discover the truth of your path. We will use spiritual writing techniques such as meditative creation and automatic writing to tap into the unconscious mind, connect with Spirit Guides, and find the answers we seek.

This transformative course offers you the time and space to explore your intuitive process, and to gain insight into your deepest wisdom.

Class begins as soon as you register! Course is hosted on an online platform, courtesy of MysterySchooloftheGoddess.net